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Apr 11

How to Minimize Disk Usage in Mac Mail

Do you use Mac Mail to check your Gmail? Do you always archive your emails? Do you have a huge 5 GB All Mails folder in Gmail that is now downloaded to your All Mails folder in Mac Mail?

First, see how much disk space your All Mails folder is taking up by going to ~/Library/Mail/V2/Your-Email-AccountName/[Gmail].mbox/ and looking at the folder info.

Now, if you don’t need access to Gmail’s All Mails folder in Mac Mail, then follow these steps to remove it from Mac Mail, but still keep it in Gmail web:

  1. Go to Gmail web
  2. Click the top-right gear icon to open the settings menu
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click the Labels tab
  5. Deselect Show in IMAP in the All Mail line

Close Mac Mail and reopen it. You should now see the All Mails folder in the left-side navigation gone.

Go to the ~/Library/Mail/V2/Your-Email-AccountName/[Gmail].mbox/ folder to see the All Mail.mbox directory gone and its disk space restored.

Dec 17


Dec 09

Happy holidays from #Dumpling!

Happy holidays from #Dumpling!

Nap time at work

Nap time at work

Dec 03

Buying a Christmas Tree in Manhattan


Hopefully this will save you a little time if you’re shopping for a Christmas tree in Manhattan. Here are a few places that deliver in Manhattan. Skirt, stand, and installation are all included. Prices range from $70 - $170 for a 6 ft tall tree.

Romp Family Christmas Trees

NYC Trees

Tyler’s Trees

If you’re new to buying a real Christmas tree, here’s a helpful article with some general tips, including the best kinds of trees to buy and how to keep them healthy through the holidays:

Happy holidays!

Nov 26

Make Your Product Spectacular For A Few People Instead Of Average For Many


A nice tidbit from the article:

"I’ve always had this philosophy that if you do something spectacular for a few people, instead of something average for many, these people will be so loyal to you that they will influence and spread word among the wider market. You’ve got to sweat the details and get it right for the core consumer."

Nov 24

A Beautiful Site Redesign


This article takes you through the steps that Perch went through when they redesigned their site a while back:

In summary:

Nov 23

4 Companies With an Awesome Culture

The culture and daily battle rhythm of companies, and especially startups, effects everything from employee happiness, speed of innovation, recruitment, and employee retention.

Sometimes, it’s a nice company-wide policies like $100 desk budgets. Other times, small policies like gathering for lunch every day does the trick.

I’m luck to be at one of them.

Etsy’s culture - “For employees, working at Etsy sometimes seems like being embedded in a permanent flea market. From the coders to the receptionists, most are crafters at heart. Employees volunteer to teach classes as part of a formalized program they call Etsy School.”

Stripe’s culture - “When lunch arrives, an IRC bot (appropriately named nombot), announces the fact and the whole team relocates to the dining table. It’s important that everyone gets together at least once a day, and meal times are a good excuse.”

Github’s culture - “Unlike traditional companies where projects are assigned top-down, GitHubbers tackle whatever projects they want, without any formal requests or managerial interference.”

Wordpress’s culture - “The company has about 190 employees and nearly all of them work from home. Employees are scattered across 141 cities and 28 countries… Any team can meet whenever they want for a “hack week” in any location in the world. Teams have met in Tokyo, Australia, and Athens. The five most popular destinations are: Lisbon, Portugal; Kauai; San Francisco; Amsterdam; Tybee Island, Georgia

Nov 22

The Average American Household Makes

Looks like the top 1% are doing pretty well. An old article that was sitting in my queue -

Nov 21

Start Saving Early for Retirement

Anyone that knows me knows that I love talking about personal finance and smart ways to earn and save. One of the most important savings “tricks” is to start saving for retirement early, as advised in this article:

Here are some easy steps to take if you’re not sure what to do:

  1. Start putting money into a retirement account as early as possible, ideally right out of college when you’re 21
  2. Open a retirement account with a low cost brokerage like Vanguard. You want the brokerage’s annual expenses to be as low as possible, and vanguard is known as one of the best.
  3. Choose a stable index fund like the Vanguard 500
  4. Regularly purchase the same amount for the index funds, so you don’t have to time the market and try to predict when it’s high and low (something that “experts” aren’t even able to do)

Remember, start saving a little bit now, and you’re financial planning will be that much easier in the future!