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Nov 20

Slow Down Life As You Age


New experiences are hard to come by as you get older, so make the effort to skip watching tv and do something different every week.

Nov 19

Lobbyists And Our Government


A funny (and scary) infographic about how lobbyists run Washington -

Nov 18

Dumpling loves his favorite Mr Squirrel toy…and his carrier

Dumpling loves his favorite Mr Squirrel toy…and his carrier

Thick Plastic Cutting Boards


I wanted a cutting board that was:

Sounds easy, right? Yeah, there are too many options out there.

Here are the best ones that I found.  It’s a simple, 1/2 inch thick plastic cutting board with good reviews:

These cutting boards also seemed great, but they weren’t exactly what I wanted:

Nov 17

How to Find Great Contractors

Finding great contractors can be tough and time consuming. I’ve spent years looking for plumbers, electricians, handymen, roofers, and general contractors for my home. When I first purchased my home years ago, I didn’t know where to go and what to look for. I feel like I’ve finally boiled down the process into a few easy steps.

  1. Go to your city’s
  2. Click on Check Out a Business
  3. Search for the type of contractor you’re looking for
  4. Jot down the top 5 based on years in business, BBB rating, licensing, and quality of their website
  5. Call each of the top 5 to chat with them about their business and history
  6. Have 3 contractors come to your house to give you an estimate
  7. Choose the best contractor of the 3 (don’t choose just based on price!)

I’ve tried this same process with Yelp, asking neighbors, online yellow pages, google, and some others, and they’ve all given sub-standard results. BBB is the way to go!

Good luck, and let me know how your renovations go.

Nov 16

Fall in #centralpark (at Central Park - Gapstow Bridge)

Fall in #centralpark (at Central Park - Gapstow Bridge)


How to Fit a Suit


I really have no idea how to properly fit a suit. After a little searching and filtering, I found a few really useful articles:

Nov 15

Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplashes


Here’s a website I found where you can buy large complete sheets of stainless steel for your kitchen backsplash -  They can completely customize the size of the backsplash, and they delivery for free.

If you’re just looking for stainless steel kitchen tiles anywhere from 1” x 1” to 3’ x 3’, then you can easily go to or and search for “stainless steel backsplash”.  Some results from that search:

Relaunching OneStack Calendar on Tuesday, November 19th

I’ve been working on a lean and efficient calendar app. The next release will be on Tuesday, November 19th. Take a sneak peek at and let me know what you think!

Here are a few screenshots: