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We launched our Swiper app today! Browse Instagram by swiping photos left and right.
Another day in the office. I’m almost finished building a few new apps. #programming #coding #cupoftea #ios #woohoo

Another day in the office. I’m almost finished building a few new apps. #programming #coding #cupoftea #ios #woohoo

Hiking Around Boston


15 great hikes in New England, from The gallery button is a little hidden at the bottom. Screenshot:

Here’s a Yelp search for hiking trails with waterfalls.

The popular Middlesex Fells hiking trails.

And the Ipswitch River Wildlife Sanctuary.

Animate a UILabel or UIButton From One Number to Another

Easily animate the text of a label or button from one number to another.

Use Spotlight from Mac OS Command Line


Cool. Use mdfind from the command line for Spotlight queries.

Famous Tech Acquisitions, Cost Per User

"Facebook acquired WhatsApp for 16 billion dollars, the largest startup acquisition to date. Cost per user was comparable to Google’s YouTube acquisition"

The Quickest Color Picker in Mac OS X


Quickly get RGB values on your screen using the built-in Mac DigitalColor Meter app in your Utilities directory.



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How to Make Promotional Stickers

If you’re looking to purchase promotional stickers for your company, then here’s the quick summary.

You can get stickers with standard sizes like circle, oval, rectangle. You can also get stickers that are die cut, which means both the sticker and the backing is cut around the edges of your design. The final option is stickers that kiss cut, which means the sticker is cut around the edges, but the backing isn’t. More details here:

Out of all the websites that let you create a custom sticker, StickerYou seemed like the site with the best and simplest UI, with warnings about image sizes and decent drag-and-drop functionality.

Other sticker sites:

Mac Apps to Create Animated GIFs