1. Gentle Generics - John Sundell, Swift Live 2019

    • Use generics when you want to generalize and then specialize
    • Use them for an actual demand, not b/c we might need them in an ideal future
    • Don’t overuse them (ex. Contactable protocol instead of simple Contact struct)
    • Should make top-level code at call site simpler, not more complicated …


  2. Foundation Updates WWDC 2019

    • Ordered collection diffing
    • Compress Data (zlib, etc)
    • Units. Duration, frequency, information storage (bytes),
    • RelativeDateTimeFormatter. Ex. “one week ago”.Localized.
    • ListFormatter. Ex. [ “one”, “two” ] -> “one, two”
    • Operation Queue now supports barrier block, addBarrierBlock
    • FileManager supports USB and SMB
  3. What's New in iOS 13 Design

    • Semantic colors. System provided. Primary, secondary, etc. Backgrounds. Easier to support dark mode. 4.5 min contrast ratio.
    • Base, elevated colors.
    • 4 materials for card background, thick/regular/thin/ultrathin. Vibrancy support.
    • SF Symbols. Weights. Vector based. Mac app.
    • Modal presentation card. New default. Use when “mode” changes, like calendar …


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